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Smoody Groovez 2 – ‘The Right Vibe’- Exclusive Interview

Joy Andrews - Wednesday 15.12.10, 20:41pm

Smoody Groovez 2 provides an Exclusive Interview with ‘The Right Vibe’

Stefan Van Baeten's Chillout Lounge

Buzzin Media were delighted to announce their favourite Soundcloud Track of 2010 to be ‘The Right Vibe’ by Smoody Groovez 2.

Smoody Groovez 2 is a Belgian music formation with their homebase in Antwerp. The founder Stefan Van Baeten has been a musician, with more than 3 decades of musical experience and one of his soulmates Alexis Paternottre were already known for their High-end DJ collaboration of several years, with many resident gigs in legendary clubs like Cafe Capital (a club which burned down last summer and where all big names have been spinning records) plus a huge amount of renomated parties and festivals are not unknown to either of them. The demands were there and so it became time to start up their own musical productions. This became the birth of Smoody Groovez , but still there was a need for that little something “extra”.

Stefan knew someone for some years, who was a female singer from a fabulous band called Groove Cartel, who no longer exist and so he contacted his friend, who he lovingly refers to as Sofie “ad-libs” Van Vugt, who not only gave him his “Cherry on the Cake” but he informs me brought him “a whole garden of fruits in the land of Eden”.

Smoody Groovez 2 members are:

Stefan Van Baeten(Composing/technical production)
Alexis Paternotre (Composing/gear and production)
Sofie “ad-libs” Van Vugt (vox)
Chris van Nauw (guitar)
Pieter Aerts( Sax sessions)

I asked Stefan if he would be interested in an exclusive interview with Buzzin Media and he was more than willing to do so, as he was absolutely delighted that his track ‘The Right Vibe’ was our Favourite Soundcloud Track 2010. As I am also a Personal Development Coach, I like to ask some thought provoking questions, so sit back and enjoy learning more about the pioneer behind Smoody Groovez 2.

BM.  What were your main goals this year and did you achieve them?

At first I wanted to create as many solid tracks as possible, to let them be heard by as many listeners reachable on the internet.  Smoody Groovez and my other (DJ/producers) project called BeatBlenderz where already on MySpace, but we needed something else to have more contact with the Up-To-Date public. Someone told me about Soundcloud, the hottest tool on the internet for musicians, DJ’s, music producers, labels and fans, to be more online for everyone to hear our music. It’s also thanks to SoundCloud Buzzin Media found us and now we even have an interview because of our musical presentations.

We as music makers are also IN LOVE with Soundcloud, the many fans we gathered over there are due to this excellent site, it’s really magic!

Secondly, we where in search for a label, which we did for several tracks of Beatblenderz on Banshee Records, formely known as the legendary Bonzai Records. For our Smoody Groovez music we’ve got so now and then some Indie Labels who would like to have us on board, but we need to hold back safely, because most of them like to have single tracks and can not give us enough support and/or references to bring us really into the bigger picture.  There are so many labels with issues who we don’t know the proper background story or handling of their working habits, it would be sad to lose tracks during a matter of an unhealthy start. To get a door open at the bigger labels, lets’ say the majors, seems to be not so easy.  We are still looking for those to find the right moment, the will and time to listen to what we create. So, if you are working for a BIG label…just check us out!

BM. What is your all time favourite Soundcloud track, album and Soundcloud artist/s for 2010?

There are so many tremendous tracks to find on Soundcloud, but if you like to have some real names, DJ QB with his Factory Explore (Hungry Rotator), Electronic Beach and their Electron. Hoerstoff are some of the ones to take a deeper listening, but there are a lot more who are awesome to. It’s a huge bank full of pearls.

BM. What is your favourite food?

Thai Food, really hot and spicy, Sushi, Pasta’s, Paëlla, Bacalao, Seafoods…oh, you make me hungry right now…haha

BM. If you could have a coffee with anyone famous alive today, who would it be and what would be the first question you would ask them?

Oooh, that’s a difficult one, hmmm…(thinks deeply)…I guess that would be Trevor Horn (Art Of Noise). He’s one of my all time favorite producers.

BM. If you could have a coffee with anyone who is no longer alive, who would it be and what would you want to ask them?

I would ask my Granddad how it feels to be in the afterlife, if he, my Grandma and every other in this life I have lost; family and friends, if they are OK. I would  also send those my deepest warm and respectful regards.

BM. What are your goals for 2011 and how are you going to achieve them?

Having good and solid record deals for Smoody Groovez, BeatBlenderz, The Kick Machine, Trance-A-Vision, lot’s of wonderful concerts, DJ Gig’s, more songs and tracks, fine collaborations, some extra support from those in the music industry to bring everything to a higher level.

BM.  What is the best Christmas present you have ever received?

That was an old record player from my Granddad when I was just 13 years old, which opened up my world. I then started to dance, buy records, became a DJ/Producer. That same old Granddad gave me a Harmonica when I was 7 years old.  At the end of the day I could play my very first complete melody. Everything of my musical drive came because of the credits of him, my Grandma, my Mother with her high level classical music and my Father with his huge Jazz, Soul and Electronic equipment knowledge. I don’t know enough how to thank them.

BM. What is your favourite film and why?

There is one big movie and that is Blade Runner, the story, cast, the soundtrack of Vangelis, the production, music and the vision of the future and how it is coming near every day more and more. This movie is still THE masterpiece under the masterpieces ever made in film history on the part of Science Fiction.

BM. What is your favourite track of your own creation and why?

Actually all of our tracks are quite listenable, but I must say ‘The Right Vibe’ has become a masterpiece thanks to a music collaboration of one of my best friends Evert Broodhaers, Alexis Paternottre, the fantastic lyrics and magical voice of Miss Sofie “ad-libs” Van Vugt, but also thanks to Chris Van Nauw, who is one of the most talented guitar players I know who lives in Belgium. Therefore I would like to salute them all for their awesome input to make this track happen. Even as people they are the best in life to know. They are soulmates of the first hour.

The right vibe by Smoody Groovez Ft. Sofie van Vugt by SmoodyGroovez 2

BM. If you could have 3 wishes, what would they be?

My first would be Food, drinks and a warm shelter for everybody on this planet
My second: May all weapons change into sweet music
My final wish would be for Worldwide Peace instead of making war

Buzzin Media would like to thank Stefan for this great interview and we wish Smoody Groovez 2 an amazing 2011 and have no doubt that their goals for this year will be achieved. Watch this space!!

You can hear more of Smoody Groovez 2 here:

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