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Robert Logan – Accurate Spit Boy EP

Robbie Spargo - Tuesday 24.03.09, 15:01pm

Robert Logan -Accurate Spit Boy EP – review

Robert Logan's Accurate Spit Boy EP

Robert Logan's Accurate Spit Boy EP

There’s a lot of excitement around the career of Robert Logan. At only 21, he has opened for Massive Attack, co-written the score for the Oscar winning documentary Taxi To The Darkside and is involved with ongoing collaborations with the godfather of experimental music Brian Eno.

His previous album Congnessence was harshly experimental, and now the Accurate Spit Boy EP predicts a refinement of his sound for the his second album Inscape, to be released on the 6th April.

The EP is a testament to why Robert Logan is so lauded. The raw, haunting electronic blips and deep bass buzz that emanate from the five tracks inhabit an untouchable space of their own, resonating with the underbelly of human nature – these tracks evoke bleak fear and dark intrigue.

The opening track ‘Accurate Spit Boy’ takes the basic elements of other genres that have made waves through the underground – grime, ragga and dubstep – and hones them into a raw digital music that remains unique in its field. ‘Pigs’ also stands out as an example, beginning with frantic drum and bass blips before moulding itself around a cold dub-based sound.

But Accurate Spit Boy EP doesn’t belong in the dank underground clubs like some of these other genres, it rather inhabits the lonely parts of suburban bedrooms, industrial wastelands and vast cityscapes. The final track ‘Cut By Concrete’ shows the industrial influence in the relentless hammering of the opening which then goes on to drive the bass-heavy main section of the track.

Two of the tracks – ‘Accurate Spit Boy’ and ‘Cut By Concrete’ – are taken from the forthcoming Inscape, but remixed for this vinyl only release.

It may be that we look forward to the career of Robert Logan, but based on Accurate Spit Boy EP, it’s already arrived, and it’s frighteningly good.

The Accurate Spit Boy EP will be released on Slowfoot Records on 12” Vinyl.  If justice is done, his music will be as great a success as Burial’s innovation was last year. Visit Robert Logan’s MySpace to listen. This is the link to Slowfoot Records. Digg Technorati Blinklist Furl Reddit
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