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‘Pressure’s On’ with Kisses From Oblivion (Mix by CJ Bolland)

Joy Andrews - Saturday 31.03.12, 16:12pm

Pressure's On - Mixed by CJ Bolland

I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Kisses From Oblivion aka Hidde Haazen in Antwerp last year whilst attending a producers birthday party. He is without doubt a wonderful human being and his music portrays the beauty inside the human being so eloquently.

During my current hectic schedule of writing, making music, along with a perfect combination of R&R with friends and family, I heard his track ‘Pressure’s On‘ mixed by CJ Bolland yesterday on Soundcloud.

Being a loyal fan of Kisses From Oblivion the musician, the human being and the music, I felt the need to once again share the love of his gorgeous vocal into the atmosphere of cyberspace, along with the excellent mixing from CJ Bolland. I am sure you will agree this is wonderfully retro 80’s electronica – albeit unmastered, it is already a gorgeous track.

Hidde Haazen informs the listeners on Soundcloud

Unauthorized copying, reproduction, distribution, sharing or modification strictly prohibited.

If you want a copy of the track, just ask and you might get it. Hidde Haazen

Kisses From Oblivion on Soundcloud

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