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Nino Augustines Michelin Star ‘Soul Kitchen’ Video Release

Joy Andrews - Tuesday 06.11.12, 14:53pm

Nino Augustine

I love my life. I love music. I love this artist. Enough said about me! Please allow me to introduce to you the very cool and extremely talented Nino Augustine from USA, who, like a Michelin Star chef, produces his music in his ‘Soul Kitchen‘.

Here’s what Nino Augustine has to say about his life and his approach to music.

Music means the world to me, fame means nothing. I rather have 5 fans that truly love what I do, instead of a million that just like my stuff because of popularity. I try to do what I call fearless music, which really means creating music without boundaries. I try not to fit my music in a category (genre) because I want to create something different every time I record. I want to incorporate beautiful instruments and create a musical beauty. I’ve been recording since I was 9, I’m currently 24.

Its been a long, constant struggle with music that keeps me in love with it until this day. Some days I wake up in love with music, and I might go to sleep hating it. I’m Very sensitive with my craft because I truly love what I do, and I hope you can feel that when you listen to it. My plan is to simply remain humble creating the music that its true to me, and hopefully to you also. I love music, If you want to work together please REACH OUT IN THE NAME OF MUSIC. Enjoy my most beautiful, closest friend, and dearest thing to me, my music.

As Nino Augustine is a musical chef, he should definitely have a Michelin Star above his studio. Being the ‘open mouthed musical foody’ that I am, his menu is varied and his music definitely had my mouth watering!

You can call me Oliver all you want and yes, when fulfilling ‘All My Dreams‘ in Hollywood, I will most certainly be asking for more! Call me greedy!

Nino Augustine on Soundcloud

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