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Madeira – Original Sun – Third release on Denis A’s DAR DIGITAL Label

John Williams - Tuesday 12.04.11, 14:21pm



The third release from the Moscow DJ/Producer Denis A’s DAR Label offshoot DAR DIGITAL features the track Original Sun in three very different remixed guises, edging towards minimal techno and exotic electronica.

Original Sun is brimful of electronic mysticism with mysterious chords, tight grooves and a progressive attitude. The remix from Ukranian producer Oleg Tovkach (Tenderheart), eases back the throttle and takes a more atmospheric route, bringing even more melodic elements to the track. Radar moves towards atmospheric melodic techno with a clear vision of the future.

German Shahnov (Madeira) says of his inspiration… “I associate this track with military radar, which operates continuously, without stopping once, periodically picking up unknown objects.” Bold and beautiful, Madeira is another strong addition to the DARDIGITAL roster.

German Shakhnov, DJ and sound producer, is another rising star of the new Russian electronic music scene. He is the presenter of his own radio show, “Mady Mady”, which is broadcast every Thursday at 00:00 on Garage FM based in Moscow.

German became interested DJing in the late 90’s. Aged 14, he began playing in nightclubs, which belonged to friends of his father. For several years, tried his hand and experimented with many styles: progressive house, electro, breakbeat, drum & bass and even hip-hop.

As a producer, he made his debut in 2010 on the Californian label Red Session Records with the track “Holla!” Then in August of that year, he released the tracks “Riqueless” on the French label High Seven Record, which belongs to the famous French producer, Stephane Deschezeaux (Gino). That same summer, the Italian label B79 Music released Madeira’s “Glass Ball”, which also included a remix from Russian musician – Sinistro. In autumn 2010, German released “Aylo” on the Russian label ITech, which became a bestseller, and “Dogs in Space” on GSS Records.

In late 2010, Madeira started his collaboration with Denis A and his DAR label, which is rapidly gaining respect as one of the best Russian labels. The first fruits of this new relationship are “Original Sun” and “Radar”.

The beautiful remix of “Original Sun” from the Ukrainian sound producer Tenderheart, aka Oleg Tovkach, another rising star to watch out for in 2011 as the new Eastern European electronic music scene develops apace.

Madeira – Original Sun
01. Madeira – Original Sun (Original Mix) – 6:44min
02. Madeira – Original Sun (Tenderheart Remix) – 4:12min
03. Madeira – Radar (Original Mix) – 6:28min
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