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Electronic Music and Online Gaming Continue Growth in Popularity

Edwin Huxley - Sunday 10.02.13, 20:36pm

The internet is an ever-growing space filled with everything from social media, business apps and entertainment for everyone, including two ever-increasing industries – electronic music and online gaming.

Within the global music industry, the increase in popularity and potential revenue was recognised in the online electronic music industry when in the autumn of 2012 Seth Goldstein, a technology entrepreneur and one of the creators of, saw there was a gap in the internet world to launch an online social media hub for electronic dance music fans and musicians alike.  Dance music is now a global commercial entity that lures tens of thousands of engaged music fans to music festivals and more than ever before, dominates mainstream music radio.

On launching the new electronic music social networking site, Seth Goldstein compared the importance of a site like DJZ ( as an online hub for electronic music fans to the concept and importance of MTV in the early 1980s which created an outlet for mainstream music videos.

Prior to its launch, DJZ (pronounced DJ’s) raised $1 million in seed capital investment.  Its mission statement is to create a hub for news, video and social interaction that falls somewhere between The Huffington Post and MTV for electronic music fans of all persuasions and sub-genres. Among its advisers are top DJs including Paul Oakenfold and DJ Shadow.

Underlining the broad church of electronic music covered on DJZ is a current article titled 20 Most Important Electronic Albums Of All Time. #3 is Suicide’s self-titled 1977 debut album.  #2, ‘Einstein On The Beach’ by composer Philip Glass; and given the prestigious title of ‘the most important electronic music album of all-time’ is ‘The Man Machine’ by Kraftwerk with the claim that “their intersection of robotic rhythm, euromantic melody and showroom dummy lyricism was in full flower”. Who can argue with that?

Similarly to the growing industry of online electronic music is the phenomenal growth of internet gaming, and in particular online casinos and gambling sites.  Both through mobile gaming and gambling websites there are now a massive choice of games to play on sites such as offering an expansive range of online games to choose from.

Both the online music and gaming sectors continue to grow even in these times of economic recession and austerity; which only goes to show, in times of economic and financial hardship, people still turn to music and games for escape and pleasure. Digg Technorati Blinklist Furl Reddit
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