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‘A Day Well Spent’ with Kisses From Oblivion

Joy Andrews - Monday 06.06.11, 14:39pm

Kisses From Oblivion

It’s not every day I get to meet, dine out with and enjoy the company of a talented Producer, Kisses From Oblivion aka Hidde Haazen from Antwerp, Belgium so I seized the day with both hands!

We had a great meal out with his good friend Smoody Groovez aka Stef Van Baeten, another talented producer from Antwerp. Enjoying the evening sunset and delicious Belgian frites with mayonnaise, we discussed many of KFO’s musical background and future opportunities.

He is certainly no stranger to the glitz and glamour of the music scene having many times accompanied a friend CJ Bolland on gigs around the world and he also once played in a band that was nearly signed by Sony. Tragically the lead vocalist would not sign an exclusive contract with them, so his dream was shattered.

This obviously left Hidde feeling very deflated and could of cost him his determination and drive to continue producing music. Following this another tragedy struck when he suffered  the death of his mother.

Life seemed at this point to be dealing this talented man some hefty blows. There is only one way to go when you are down, so a life perspective call beckoned him to continue to create music as it was his heartfelt passion. He made a life changing decision to leave a well paid job that was making him miserable, because he realised life is so very short!

‘A Day Well Spent’ is delicioulsy retro Electronic Pop. Kisses From Oblivion has definitely embraced the gift of expression in this genre and continues to strive to create some superb sounds in order to make his musical mark in the world.

A Day Well Spent by Kisses From Oblivion

Kisses From Oblivion explains how it all began…

Although I have a great passion for Jazz, Electronic music had me under its spell as I visited house and techno clubs nearly every week.

DJ Kash with whom I became close friends with by that time, educated me in electronic music with his vast 20.000+ collection of vinyl records.

Since I studied music, having a go at making techno was a small step to make.

My first record, at 16 years old, was a one time collaboration with Marcos Salon (Outlander) and Per Martinsen. The record was released on the R&S sublabel ‘Global Cuts’ which was ran by Sven Van Hees at that time. After that I started a collaboration with DJ Kash which resulted in 7 maxi singles released under different aliases (Silver & Kash, The Viridian) on another R&S sublabel‘Generations’ ran by DJ Trish Van Eynde.

We also made remixes for Marco Bailey’s ‘Chocolate Box’ (Bonzaï Records) and a remix of Ken Ishii’s ‘Circular Motions’ (Sony/R&S Japan).

Due to a number of factors, we ended the agreement with R&S.

By that time my interest in making club music deterred, it was fun to go mental on when partying, but creating it couldn’t satisfy me anymore. I missed the harmony and variation I found in Jazz and Pop.

This need resulted in my first popsong that later grabbed the attention of Sony Music Entertainment, who’s A&R offered us a generous advance under the condition of signing a exclusive contract. I wrote the song, but it was produced by 4 people including myself. The vocals were performed by a talented person who decided not to sign the contract which was offered for personal reasons, and consequently the deal vanished. This caused friction and frustration between our (still nameless) crew.

Music is the translation of feelings experienced into sound, which inherently renders it very personal. It is an outlet through which I express myself and simultaneously works in a therapeutic way. I do it for the love of music and the satisfaction it gives me.

Each song is like a kiss sent into oblivion, not even a spec of dust in the vast universe, a message dropped in a ocean of information technology and may never reach it’s destination. It doesn’t really matter, since in eternity’s great cycle of life, everything will be forgotten.

It was only recently, under the encouragement of friends, that I decided to share it with the world.

So here I am, proud to present, my ‘Kisses From Oblivion’

‘T.O.Y’ is another example of Kisses From Oblivion’s contagious love for 80’s Electronic Pop. The intro and vocals are exquisite and sends a brilliant message from the artist of how life is short, therefore seize the day and get with the programme called LOVE.

T.O.Y. (beta) by Kisses From Oblivion

If you are aroused by Electronic Pop then ‘Turn Me On’ is definitely the track for you. Sex sells whether its in the form of electronic sounds or glamour vision and this track is an excellent electronic expression of desire and lust, but not how you think! KFO explained to me the hidden message in ‘Turn Me On’ ‘It is one of rebelling against the superficial attraction and the ideal looks of a woman that is promoted in media. Like the lyrics illustrate(paraphrased): ‘you might look like a supermodel but that doesn’t mean I’m attracted to you’

Turn Me On by Kisses From Oblivion

Kisses From Oblivion wants to continue to be as experimental electronically as possible and therefore does not want to be pigeon holed musically. We at Buzzin Media are without doubt there are many more top tunes to be received from this very talented producer.

Kisses From Oblivion on Soundcloud

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3 comments so far

  • 1 Stefan Van Baeten // Jun 6, 2011 at 3:36 pm

    Wow, Joy, nicely written again as we know you, and it became time again to put the light on this tremendous artist, cause he’s surely one of me Belgian favorites. Therefor x 1000 thanx for visiting us over here in Antwerp, up for a new happy time over here or in the UK.

  • 2 Joy Andrews // Jun 7, 2011 at 9:07 am

    Thank you Stef for your wonderful comment. It was time indeed to shine the light on KFO…as he is indeed very talented.

    Happy dayz and fun times ahead for all concerned :)

  • 3 Shantel O. Kiser // Oct 5, 2012 at 3:56 pm

    hmmmm, pretty interesting

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