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Win a pair of AKG K81DJ headphones – free competition

Terry Lane - Monday 30.09.13, 18:16pm

AKG K81 DJ headphones

AKG K81 DJ headphones

AKG K81DJ headphones are the ideal companion in any situation.  Due to the folding ear cups and the 3D-Axis folding mechanism, the headphones can easily be stowed away in any bag, and accessed quickly when needed.

The closed design of the AKG K81DJ headphones insulates against unwanted external noise, so that (in conjunction with the high SPL sensitivity) an amazing sound is guaranteed.


  • 115 dB/V sensitivity
  • Frequency range: 16-24000 Hz
  • 32 Ohm nominal impedance
  • 2,000mW power handling
  • 2.5 metre cable and 99.99% oxygen free
  • Capable of stereo-mono setting
  • Latching bracket adjustment
  • Soft and replaceable leatherette ear pads
  • Strong mechanical capacity

Buzzin Media in association with Hi-Fi Tower have arranged a free to enter competition to win a pair of AKG K81DJ Closed Back DJ Headphones.


To enter this free competition, simply answer the question below:

Pump Up The Volume was a no.1 UK single for which group?

b) Colourbox
c) Bomb The Bass

Submit your entries to with the subject line: ‘AKG Headphones Comp’ (other subject lines will not be entered) with your full name, address & contact number.

This competition ends on 30th October 2013.

The editor will randomly choose one winner from the correct answers. The editor’s choice is final.

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There’s no better place for listening to music than…

Edwin Huxley - Sunday 08.09.13, 16:47pm

In-car music

There’s something very sad about those heavily modernised cars that you can literally hear coming half a mile away, with booming bass-bins moving enough air inside that you think the tinted windows might explode outwards at any second.

Having said that, there’s actually nothing better than listening to music on the road, and dance music and electronic sounds of many different flavours seem to make perfect soundtracks.

Whether you’re on a long trip or doing the daily commute, listening to a great mix or a selection of tunes that put you in the right mood can be a wonderful thing, and you don’t need to spend a fortune building your car around a PA system to get some great results.


It’s strange to think that CDs were on the market for quite some time before in-car players became common. This is because CDs can actually ’skip’ much in the same way as a vinyl record can and so having a player fixed into the dashboard of a car presented all kinds of problems.

Early systems for error correction and buffering, similar to those now used for internet streaming players, basically solved the problem so that the CD player quickly replaced cassette tape decks in cars around a dozen or so years ago.

Being able to burn your own audio CDs meant that everybody had the chance to create their own perfect in-car soundtrack, although of course the 70-odd minute time restriction on the format means you might have to change the disc on a longer trip.


Of course many of us listen to music that we have downloaded these days and for most music lovers their MP3 player will hold their entire music collection in a portable pocket-sized packet.

This is the ultimate for in-car use, as you can choose from your whole collection as well as easily making playlists to suit a particular trip or journey. The one drawback is that most cars didn’t have auxiliary sound inputs until very recently and the absence of a jack input to plug your player in can be frustrating.

Fortunately, buying a fairly recent model doesn’t need to be prohibitive when it comes to costs.

If you are looking for recent used cars UK dealerships from most of the major manufacturers offer approved vehicles that have undergone rigorous testing to make sure they are in great condition.

So not only are you almost certain to get an auxiliary socket to connection your MP3 player to, but you’ll also have an up to date sound system that reflects all the advances that in-car acoustics and sonic design have brought to bear in recent years. Digg Technorati Blinklist Furl Reddit
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Win a copy of Electro Swing Club Vol 1

Terry Lane - Sunday 16.06.13, 14:40pm

Electro Swing Club Volume 1 is released on Pashmount Records.

Electro Swing Club Vol 1

Electro Swing Club Vol 1 is a compilation underpinning the electic sounds of the electro swing genre & scene. Electro swing isn’t just a musical genre, it’s a historical, cultural, fashion and lifestyle based genre. Reinventing and invoking the first pop and youth revolutions from the 1920’s and 30’s to the 21st Century clubbers and dance floors.

There are also exclusive and unreleased tracks and remixes by featured artists and remixers including, house and gypsy swing with electro swing pioneer Max Pashm, sassy attitude from Canadian jazz and blues singer/songwriter Tia Brazda, the awesome and chic boutique Dimie Cat from France, Belrade nu-jazz grooves from Serbia’s own Jazzatron, Californian swing ‘n’ glitch from Red lIght District, remixes of Ashley Slater’s Kitten & the Hip project, heavy UK bass driven swing from Jamie Berry, electro blues house from Parisan Typoboy as well as other exciting artists and remixers from Spain, South Africa and Israel.

Buzzin Music has 4 copies of  the new electro swing compilation, Electro Swing Club Volume 1 courtesy of brand new label, Pashmount Records.


To enter the free competition, simply answer the question below:

What is the name of the new label releasing Electro Swing Club Volume 1 ?

a) Pashmore Records
b) Passsion Records
c) Pashmount Records

Submit your entries to with the subject line: ‘Electro Swing Comp’ (other subject lines will not be entered) with your full name, address & contact number.

This competition ends on 15th July 2013.

The editor will randomly choose 4 winners from the correct answers. The editor’s choice is final.

Electro Swing Club Volume 1 is released on Pashmount Records. Digg Technorati Blinklist Furl Reddit
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FABRICLIVE 69 mixed by Fake Blood aka Theo Keating

Terry Lane - Sunday 14.04.13, 14:49pm

FABRICLIVE 69 mixed by Fake Blood aka Theo Keating

FABRICLIVE 69 mixed by Fake Blood aka Theo Keating

Fake Blood AKA Theo Keating, has forged his own path as a hard-hitting, multi-genre artist with a cult following like no other.

He caught the dance music bug from an early age, developing a love of House and Techno from listening to pirate stations such as LWR and Kiss. Before long Acid House, Rare Groove, Hip Hop and early electro seeped in too, shaping the musical melting pot that informs his distinctive sound.  Through his various projects and mysterious aliases – Wiseguys to Touché, The Black Ghosts to Fake Blood – he’s consistently proved himself to be one of the UK’s most authentic and exciting producer exports. Over the last six years Fake Blood’s musical career has continued to grow. Having made a huge impact with hits like ‘Mars’ and ‘I Think I Like It’, he then turned his energy to releasing the critically acclaimed debut album ‘Cells’ last year. Having played the world over, from Paris to Tokyo via Sydney and New York, Fake Blood also knows a thing or two when it comes to manipulating a packed dancefloor into a sweaty frenzy; a skill he honed at London’s fabric.

‘My first visit to fabric was probably not long after it opened…then I got to play there, and used to play monthly. I always loved it, no matter which room. I’ve always enjoyed the way that room 1 is not really that DJ-focused. You’re there, only a few feet from the dancefloor, but not up on a pedestal. This means people just get on with dancing rather than getting distracted by some guy at a table. It’s like turning the TV off in a room full of people; they’ll all turn and start talking to one another.’ – Fake Blood

Inspired by the freedom playing at fabric offers, Fake Blood’s FABRICLIVE 69 mix is similar to a set you would expect to hear him play at the club. But true to form, Fake Blood goes against type, concentrating not just on upfront exclusives for the sake of it but weaving in true personal favourites that conjure warm memories of buying House records and partying hard. Expect to hear classics ‘Jam The Mace’ by House Syndicate alongside new kid on the block Happa, a Fake Blood remix of The Black Ghosts ‘Forgetfulness’ and music from his own record label Blood Music. Never one to sit still for too long, Fake Blood’s FABRICLIVE 69 is an effortless past, present and future musical lesson that just like Keating, will stand up to the test of time.

‘[For FABRICLIVE 69] I went for combinations and blends that seemed a little odd on paper, but to me worked really well sonically – to keep it surprising rather than too linear or working towards some kind of crescendo. It’s more about regular moments throughout than building to the last tune.’ – Fake Blood

Fake Blood will launch FABRICLIVE 69 at Fabric on Friday 10th May, alongside Paul Woolford, Boy 8 Bit, Attaque & Le Breton

FABRICLIVE 69 mixed by Fake Blood tracklisting

01    Special Request – Lolita (Warehouse Mix) [Special Request]
02    Brodinski – Hypnotize [Bromance]
03    RVBRA – Never Shaved [Lucky Beard]
04    Drums of Death – Transistor Rhythm (Tanka Remix) [Civil Music]
05    Madame – Realness [GND]
06    Steve Starks – Git Em (Zombies For Money Remix) [T&A]
07    Nightmares on Wax – Aftermath [Warp]
08    TWR72 – Softcore [unreleased]
09    Mesa & King – Swerve Ball [unreleased]
10    Mumbai Science – Impact [Lektroluv / N.E.W.S.]
11    The Black Ghosts – Forgetfulness (Fake Blood Remix) [Southern Fried]
12    Boy 8-Bit – Night Terrors [Blood Music]
13    House Syndicate – Jam The Mace [Dope Wax]
14    Sable Sheep – Painting My Fur [Be As One Imprint] +
Zebra Katz – Ima Read (Acapella) [Mad Decent]
15    The Untouchables – Dance To The Rhythm [Strictly Rhythm]
16    NT89 – Limbs [unreleased]
17    Cause & Affect – Don’t Like To Do That [dirtybird]
18    John Roman – War Drums [Plant Music]
19    Headz Up – Onoria [No Brainer]
20    Attaque – Toss Them Bodies [Bad Life]
21    Hoshina Anniversary – Vision [GND]
22    French Fries – White Screen [Clekclekboom]
23    Bot – One Hour [Blood Music]
24    Wretch 32 – Pop? (Fake Blood Remix) [Levels / Ministry of Sound]
25    Happa – Bring It Back [Church]
26    Keith & Supabeatz vs Slap In The Bass – Smoka (Douster Remix) [No Brainer]
27    Funkystepz – Phantom [Forever Live Young]
28    Hot Pink Delorean – Court Jester (Eats Everything Remix) [San City High]
29    Fake Blood – Wait A Minute [Different]
30    Volta – Mossing [CRUX]

FABRICLIVE 69 mixed by Fake Blood aka Theo Keating is due to be
released on fabric Records on 20th May 2013. Digg Technorati Blinklist Furl Reddit
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Prodigy, Calvin Harris, Wu Tang Clan to headline Balaton Sound

Terry Lane - Sunday 24.02.13, 04:00am

Balaton Sound is this year’s ’Best European Medium-Sized Festival’, freshly crowned at the European Festival Awards. This is not only a recognition for the organizers, but also a clear motivation to build upon the already high standards and raise them even higher. An all-star line-up is once again taking shape for the lakeside party, held between 11-14 July 2013 in Zamardi, Hungary.

The Prodigy is a must-have star for any festival main stage, after 25 million sold albums and an amazing popularity through the years. Probably the most successful British electronic formation has surprised the fans with a concert album two years ago. Besides their big hits, we will hear new songs from their new album ’How to Steal a Jet Fighter’.

Calvin Harris is one of the biggest names today in the mainstream electronic music scene. Last year he had a massive show in Zamárdi and this year his track ’We Found Love’, in collaboration with Rihanna, received a Grammy. The Scottish DJ makes perfect party songs with a hint of electro house sound and this year he arrives with a brand new program to the event.

One of the most important hip-hop formations, Wu Tang Clan, truly belongs to music history. The New York clan was formed in 1993, so this year they are celebrating their 20th jubilee with a gigantic tour. They are working on a new album and in Zamárdi all the eight founding members will perform, except ODB, on the biggest stage of Balaton Sound.

Armin van Buuren has closed last year’s Balaton Sound with some fireworks and an uplifting, energetic, massive set. This year he comes back with his ‘A State of Trance 2013’ collection to remind the fans of what quality trance really means. The collection is based on his radio show that is close to the 600th episode, reaching out to twenty-five million fans. Based on these numbers it is quite possible that his show will be the biggest among all.

He is easily recognizable for his unique eclectic house sets, Jamie Jones, has become a prominent icon of the industry at the late 2000s. He made the mix for the 59th album of the Fabric series and worked with the Cocoon label of Sven Väth, but based on his success for three years now he has his own label, Hot Creation. He is unstoppable, last year he has conquered the British charts with ’Benediction’ and this year Jamie can prove his talent at his European tour.

Italian music background and Swedish pop hits have influenced the songs of Alesso, a Stockholm-born Italian DJ. Accordingly, he doesn’t have close ties with the Italian, but the Swedish House Mafia and with his easy-going, monumental dance music he had several sold-out parties.

The abstract and enchanted songs of Crystal Castles are closer to the noise and art rock bands of the 80s new wave than to the parties of the 2000s. However, they made one of the most important albums of the decade in 2008. Since, they became popular on the dance floor with their song ‘Not in Love’ in 2010, a collaboration with Robert Smith from Cure, and this year the crowd can enjoy their strange music in Zamárdi.

You cannot organize an electronic music festival in 2013 without the show of one of the members of Swedish House Mafia. This year out of the trio, Axwell, is definitely coming to Lake Balaton. Moreover, he is the most influential character of the music mafia as there were hardly any electronic pop music recordings from Sweden that he did not assist to. While Swedish is usually gold and a world-success in pop music; Axwell as well plays in the biggest parties on the biggest stages with the best tracks.

Henrik Schwarz is a music gourmand, without any overstatement. One of the iconic DJs of the Berlin clubs not only makes gigantic parties in the most popular clubs in Berlin but also works together with jazz bands at jazz festivals too. His sophisticated but melodic sets will definitely make the crowd dance in Zamárdi. The fans can take it for granted that they will party to one of the most interesting music projects of the German capital by the Lake.

The name of The Advent means the arrival of another icon to Zamárdi. For a decade now the duo became a one-man project, being revolutionary in techno music. The Portuguese Cisco Ferreira is not only known as a London DJ, but for being a sound engineer as well. He is constantly working on new sounds and he is a pioneer in electronic live acts with making all of his shows a real and unique experience.

In the Anglo-Saxon world it is pretty well-known what hip-hop is all about and it’s positive that the Australian Iggy Azaela will be “Die Antwoord” of 2013. The cool blond MC is easy-going and in herself a real hip-hop production, laughing at the iconic characteristics and gestures of the genre. Born in Sydney, living in LA, the MC lady made a huge success with her video Pu$$y. Her self-confidence could not be more declared than the title of her new album ‘The New Classic’.

The name of Belzebass promises massive bass sounds and the two crazy Italians, Michele and Riccardo, won’t let the audience down. Anything that comes in their way, from metal through techno, hardcore to nu rave, they collect everything and use it for some hard-core electro trash party.

Berlin-based Swedish DJ, Jan Blomqvist, merges Swedish pop style with the German capitals minimal sets. The former bass-guitarist for Hexenhaus and songwriter DJ plays with his audience as he wants: by knowing everything needed for a good party and making it happen. So stay tuned for Jan Blomqvist live at Balaton Sound!

The Canadian Fairmont, originally Jake Fairley, is a fan of the electronic sounds and apparatus of the 70s and 80s. No surprise, he invites the two decades and modern electro and techno music to meet each other in his sets. Fairmont makes music with special atmosphere and an exciting taste. Digg Technorati Blinklist Furl Reddit
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